Wednesday 5 March 2014

Christmas Tag Swap-Bombshell Stamps-Man's Ruin

Group Tags

I've been involved in a monthly tag swap at my local scrapbook store, The Inked Stamper.
I've already blogged about the January tag swap with the Steampunk theme here.
The swap group started last November and the theme was Christmas. We took December off so there were no tags to swap that month.
 It's taken me so long to blog about this tag I'm not quite sure of the details anymore.
I used a fun stretchy garter like ribbon, some black boa feather, glitter paper, and I made the "swizzle stick" with beads. Lots of glitter and gloss on her outfit and shoes.
I also used Viva Inka Gold on the back of the tag and here's a little note to self...DO NOT SHAKE those little pots of metallic color before you open them. Out of habit I shook my jar before opening it and as I started to peel the foil off the top a reaction happened and paint squirted out all over me like silly string. Good think I like glitter on my clothes! Yeah that stuff is permanent!
I peeled the the foil all the way off and capped it. The next day I tried opening the jar to use on my tags and this time when I opened the lid another chemical reaction occurred and there was an eruption with paint bubbling up and down the sides of the pot. There was also a very strong chemical order! Ick!
Thankfully I had opened the jar in the sink because I was expecting something crazy like that to happen again!(It makes a semi-permanent mess in the sink too so don't wait till morning to clean it off) Two months later I tried to use the Viva again but this time when I opened the jar the paint inside was completely hard like cement.
Well at least I got a little bit of use out of it?
Other than that ginormous little issue with the product, I love it! Hopefully I will get it replaced by the distributor through my LSS.

Thanks for stopping in! Hugs!

ETA:I was the March Roving winner!!!


Regan said...

Gorgeous tags and what a fun monthly swap to do!

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Have you considered apply for the Bombshell Pinup of the month at Bombshell stamps? You'd be PERFECT!!

Kim said...

Awesome tag! Congrats! You are the March Roving Winner over at Bombshell Stamps!!